1970 Gibson Crest

Rosewood thinline semi-acoustic guitar

The Gibson Crest features a number of ornate appointments, some more unusual than others. Typical high end features include gold hardware, split diamond headstock inlays, block fret markers, and bound headstock, neck and body (front and back). More unusual are the beautifully bookmatched rosewood front and back, rosewood rims, rosewood bound scratchplate, custom engraved 'Crest' tailpiece and inlaid marquetry on the instruments rear. This is a very fine guitar indeed as these pictures testify! The guitar pictured is courtesy of mike at and is for sale - email him if you are interested!

1970 Gibson Crest
1970 Gibson Crest
The pickups fitted to the Crest were parts 13551 (front), and 13552 (back), both mounted to the scratchplate and suspended above the guitars top with a rosewood block. The front was beautifully appointed with seven-ply black and white binding, with the rosewood pickguard similarly five-ply bound.
1970 Gibson Crest
The tailpiece used on the Crest was the familiar gold Trapeze style unit, used on Gibson electric acoustics for decades, but with a rosewood and engraved pearl inlay, rather similar to that of the short-lived Tal Farlow used between 1962 and 1967.
1970 Gibson Crest
Witch-hat control knobs numbered 0-10 with gold inserts. As expected with a Gibson instrument, these are volume and tone controls for each pickup. Note the output jack on the body side.
1970 Gibson Crest
1970 Gibson Crest
The reverse of this guitar, like the front is made of two beautifully bookmatched pieces of Brazilian rosewood, with a really appealing marquetry join. Other great appointments include three-ply back binding and a celluloid heel cap.
1970 Gibson Crest
Like the Gibson Les Paul Custom and ES-355TDSV, the Gibson Crest was adorned with inlaid split diamond headstock inlays. Note also the lack of the dot on the i of the inlaid Gibson logo - quite typical for a 1970 instrument.
1970 Gibson Crest
The Crest was fitted with individual gold Kluson 501-VX tuning keys. The serial number is stamped at the top of this headstock, though it can not be seen in this image.
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