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Despite it's short production run, the 335S series had plenty of publicity; it appeared in the following Gibson brochures and advertisements between 1980 and 1981.


1980 Gibson electric guitar and bass catalogue

From the 1980 Gibson electric guitar and bass catalogue

The only American catalogue to feature the solid-boy 335-S guitars was the 1980. All three models were shown, the Deluxe, in the Professional series, and the Custom and Standard in the Firebrand series.

1981 Rosetti (UK) Gibson catalogue

This 1981 Rosetti catalogue / pricelist shows the range of Gibson guitars available in the UK at this time, including all three 335S models, the Standard, Custom, and Deluxe, priced respectively at £489, £555 and £629.


Gibson 335-S - A Shape You

1980 advertisement for the Gibson 335S range - A Shape You've Seen. The Sound You're Looking For. Meet the Gibson 335-S. You've seen the same good looking shape on Gibson thin line electrics. Now it's on a solid body that rocks. With the hard edged sound and high energy response that have made Gibson solid bodies the choice of so many rock headliners.

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