Gibson ES-355TD-SV showcase brochure

1972 Gibson guitar of the month - part 1

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Gibson 57 Classic Plus Humbucker, Nickel Cover

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Gibson model ES-355TD-SV - stereo giant

Each of the 1972 Gibson Showcase series of brochures featured a guitar of the month, in this case the ES-355TD-SV. The 'outstanding features' of this guitar are highlighted; one side (below) folds out to show the guitar and it's features. The other has four panels, two for front and back cover, and the other two describing the guitars history and development.

Gibson ES-355TD-SV showcase

VARI-TONE CONTROL This unique, 6-position switch enables the player to select the amount of fundamental signal desired without reducing the treble and harmonic structure. A special tone filter "tunes" the pickup coils offering a very full, warm response to a very piercing treble response void of fundamental.

THIN-LINE BODY DESIGN This design feature, first developed by Gibson, permits playing comfort in either a standing or sitting position. The body design contributes greatly to the overall tonal response in the ES-355TD-SV. In the center of this model lies a hard Rock Maple centerpiece that serves two distinct purposes: 1. Increased treble response. 2. increased sustain. The double cut-a-way design offers easy playing access to the upper treble and bass registers. ADJUSTABLE TUNE-O-MATIC BRIDGE Serves a dual purpose. first, it allows flexibility of "tuning" a combination of string gauges. Secondly, it enables adjustment of the action height relative to the fingerboard.

GIBSON ADJUSTABLE TRUSS ROD first developed by Gibson, the adjustable truss rod has often been copied but never duplicated. This outstanding feature assures perfect alignment of the guitar neck at all times.

LAMINATED NECK The fast action laminated neck joins the body at the 2Oth fret. The laminated neck offers increased strength and aids in the prevention of warping. The grain of the outside pieces of wood run in the same direction, while the grain of the center piece is reversed. Laminated necks are far superior to conventional spliced necks.

GIBSON HUMBUCKTNG PICKUPS Gibson Humbucking pickups have become known to millions of guitarists as the finest on the market. Although the physical design and name have been copied, the internal function cannot be duplicated due to a protective patent. The purpose of the Gibson Humbucking pickup is to offer a consistent, strong output signal void of extraneous noise. The clear bell like guitar tone is a result of special shielding and unique pickup coil design. Although sensitive to the smallest string vibration, this high impedance pickup will reject interference such as hum, static, or radiated noise.

STEREO The ES-355TD-SV is equipped with stereo wiring to permit the player to separate the treble and bass response through two separate amplifiers or individual channels on a singular amplifier. This tonal division offers innumerous tonal capabilities when intermixed with the varitone control.

OTHER FEATURES Ebony fingerboard with pearl block inlays. Vibrato tailpiece Available in Cherry or Walnut finish 22 frets 16" Wide - 19" Long - 1 3/4" Deep, 24 3/4" Scale Length

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