Gibson ES-355TD-SV showcase

1972 Gibson guitar of the month brochure - part 2

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Gibson's 1972 guitar of the month promotion was a series of brochures, each dedicated to a single guitar, in this case the ES-355TD-SV. It consisted of just a single sheet of paper folded into four panels. One side (below) included the covers, and an amount of description, whilst the other (here) folded out to a single image of the guitar, with details about the instrument in question.

Gibson Super 400-CES showcase

IN THIS DAY AND AGE of musical milestones, it seems improbable that an instrument designed several years ago would greatly influence today's musical trends, sounds and effects. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Gibson, long recognized as the leading innovator in guitar manufacturing, originally designed the first electric plectrum guitar in 1924. Forty-eight years have now passed since Gibson's ingenious engineers brought forth an electronic creation that revolutionized the music industry.

In 1958, Gibson developed the first stereo guitar, the ES-355. This exciting stereo effect offered complete separation of treble and bass response. The following year, an entirely new effect was incorporated, the vari-tone control. The combination of stereo and vari-tone offered the guitarist an opportunity to create sounds that had never before been achieved. The ensuing years created a phenomenal interest in this "all around" guitar that suited the needs of virtually every guitarist; the jazz player, the country player and the rock player. Never before had one instrument offered such extreme versatility. The vari-tone control virtually became the "key" to the door of tonal experimentation. Combined with the comfortable "thin-line" body design (first developed by Gibson) world famous humbucking pickups, stereo electronics and Gibson's quality playing performance, the ES-355TD-SV has become the conversation piece of professional guitarists everywhere.

Creating an instrument with "musical purpose" is not easily accomplished. A great deal of thought, preparation and experimentation must be implemented in order to achieve the ultimate result. The result being an instrument applicable to varied styles, techniques and most important, changing musical trends. For instance, the ES-355TD-SV, designed in the late 1950's, enjoys a greater popularity today than ever before. The reason, a design with "musical purpose" Regardless of your musical interests, the ES-355TD-SV can produce the sound you've been searching for. Tony Mattola, the renowned guitarist for the NBC "Tonight Show" uses the ES-355TD-SV to create a warm personal tonality which has become known as the "Tony Mattola Sound" Then again, another brilliant artist, B.B. King has used the ES-355TD-SV for years to produce his world-famous "blues sound." B.B.'s guitar, known to his many fans as "Lucille", has become the choice of guitarists all over the world. Two great artists, achieving distinctly different sounds. Yet both use the ES-355TD—SV.

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