Gibson ES-175D showcase brochure

1972 Gibson guitar of the month - part 1

Gibson ES-175-D - the legendary guitar

In 1972 Gibson produced a range of brochures; the Guitar of the Month Showcase, each featuring a different high-end Gibson guitar. The brochure for the Gibson ES-175D is reproduced here. Part 1 (below) shows an ES-175D, with key features labelled. The second part shows the outer covers and text describing the development and musical purpose of the ES-175D.

Gibson ES-175D showcase

ARCHED MAPLE TOP AND BACK The select maple that goes into the ES-175-D is chosen for its clarity of sound and its outstanding treble projection. Only the worlds finest maple meets the acoustical requirements of the E5-175-D.

OVERLAPPING NECK The fingerboard of the ES-175-D is raised above the guitar body. Since it does not touch the arched maple top, the body's wood is free to vibrate so it can produce more sound and tone.

"F" SOUND HOLE DESlGN The ES-175-D uses the same fine acoustic design found in violins, "f" holes. These two sound holes are cut to precise dimensions and placed in the exact location where they will project the most volume and the best possible tone. They contribute greatly to the overall electric-acoustic sound that the ES-175-D is world famous for.

FLORENTINE CUTAWAY This graceful feature is another Gibson trademark. lt offers easy access to the entire playing register. Gibsons Florentine cutaway has become one of the most widely copied guitar features of this century.

SLANTED ROSEWOOD BRIDGE AND SADDLE Each string on a guitar has a different thickness. So, for the best intonation each string requires a slightly different length from one bridge to the other. The ES-175-D s bridge is slanted to allow for each slight variation from string to string. Even the overtones are completely in tune. And the bridge adjusts so the guitarist can control the action height of the strings relative to the fingerboard. He cart raise the action for heavy gauge (thick) strings or lower it for light gauge (thin) strings.

LAMINATED NECK WITH ADJUSTABLE TRUSS ROD The ES-175-D's mahogany neck is laminated to offer much greater strength than conventional spliced necks. The grain of the two outside pieces of wood runs in the same direction, while the grain of the center piece is reversed. This feature helps prevent warpage. The adjustable truss rod assures Direct alignment of the guitar neck at all times.

FULL BODY SIZE WITH NARROW WIDTH The width of the ES-175-D's body is slightly narrow while the depth is a full 3 3/8 inches. The guitarist gets both deep, rich, full-bodied sound plus extra playing comfort. The reduced body width allows easier handling and lets the guitarists right hand rest lower on the guitar rim.

GIBSON HUMBUCKING PICKUPS There are several imitations and similar names, but only Gibson can offer the patented internal design of its famous Humbucking Pickups. They provide a consistently strong outout signal, void of any un-wanted extraneous noise. The special shielding and unique pickup coil design produce an extra clear, bell-like tone. Though Humbucking Pickups are sensitive to the slightest string vibration, they will reject such undesireable interference as hum, static or radiated noise.

ELEVATED PICKGUARD This feature offers both, better sound and easier playability. Since the pickguard does not rest directly on the Maple too, the wood remains free to vibrate. This helps project a fuller, more acoustical sound. The elevated pickguard also permits the guitarist to rest his right hand or fingers comfortably on its surface while he plays many of todays popular picking techniques.

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