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The Gibson GGC 700 (Gibson Guitar Company) was a Les Paul -style electric solid body built at Gibson's second plant in Nashville, USA, between the Autumn of 1981 and the Spring of 1982. It's production period was short, and it is largely unknown today. It does not seem to have been included in any US catalogues, or pricing booklets of the time, though it was shown in one UK catalogue (1981 Gibson Rosetti) and was listed in a typed pricing sheet dated 1st January 1982 with a price of $599. It was not included in the next official price list of June 1982.

1981 Gibson GGC 700
Model: Gibson GGC-700
Pickups: Two Gibson Dirty Fingers
Scale: 24 3/4"
Body: Solid mahogany
Neck: Laminate maple. 22 frets. Dot position markers. Joins body at 16th fret.
Hardware: Chrome-plated tune-o-matic bridge and tailpiece

It was listed as a part of the Sonex series - not to be confused with the Sonex model; this related to a new dealer distribution strategy launched in June 1980 - see the full explantion of Gibson's early eighties product alignment here. But in brief, the Sonex series would be authorised to dealers independently of other Gibson guitars, allowing a much wider distribution. Sonex series models would have the 'Gibson Guitar Co.' rather than 'Gibson' peghead identification, a low price, and the new Multi-phonic body construction. The GGC 700 adhered to the first two requirements, but actually had a solid mahogany body, and set maple neck.

The GGC-700 was fitted with dual scratchplate-mounted 'Dirty Fingers' pickups
Headstock branding was 'Gibson Guitar Company, USA' rather than just Gibson. Logo is silk screened.

The GGC 700 was front routed for the same scratchplate assembly as the aforementioned Sonex, and used the same scratchplate assembly as the Sonex Standard and Sonex Custom models, i.e. two Gibson Dirty Fingers pickups.

Only Ebony, White and Twighlight Blue are listed as finishes in the Gibson literature of the time.

This is actually a really nice playing guitar, relatively light with a great tonal palette; a great balance between price and features. It had none of the flashy appointments that bump up the price, yet was well-made using quality woods and hardware. Had this model had wider publicity it would surely not have the obscurity it enjoys today.

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