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Gibson L-5CES 1972 showcase brochure

Gibsons gutar of the month - part 1

Gibson L-5CES - the master's guitar

In 1972 Gibson produced a series of flyers, each devoted to a specific instrument, and named them the Guitar of the Month Showcase. The brochure for the L-5CES is reproduced here. The first part shows a detailed image of the guitar, with key features labelled. The second part shows the brochure cover (front and back), and an amount of text describing the long history of the L-5CES and the guitars from which it descended.

Gibson L-5CES showcase

CARVED SPRUCE TOP An adaptation of fine violin construction the carved and hand graduated Spruce top is the foundation of pure, acoustical reproduction. The Spruce used is of the finest available in the entire world. A large Spruce block is actually carved to form the ultimate shape and exact dimensions required to offer excellent tonal response. The Spruce used on the L-5CES is from a tree approximately 450 to 500 years old. Only a very small portion of the world's Spruce yield is good enough to use in production of the Gibson L- 5CES. This material must be straight and close grained in order to offer superb appearance and performance.

ADJUSTABLE TUNE-0-MATIC BRIDGE This innovative feature serves a dual purpose. First, it allows flexibility of "tuning" a combination of string gauges. Secondly, it enables adjustment of the action height relative to the fingerboard.

GIBSON ADJUSTABLE TRUSS ROD First developed by Gibson, the adjustable truss rod has often been copied but never duplicated. This feature assures perfect alignment of the guitar neck at all times.

LAMINATED MAPLE NECK The neck of the L-5CES is laminated to offer increased strength and aid in the prevention of neck warpage. The grain of the outside pieces of Maple run in the same direction while the grain of the centerpiece is reversed.

CARVED MAPLE BACK The carved Maple back assures excellent tonal performance. The material used on the back of an instrument is critically important to the projection of tone. Being carved and graduated to demanding specifications, the Maple back offers a brilliant and responsive "presence" in tonality.

MAPLE RIMS Gibson employs the use of a traditional craft of hand bending the Maple rims on the L-5CES. Accomplished with a heated form and roller, this hand operation assures a perfectly contoured rim that will retain its shape and rigidity.

GIBSON HUMBUCKING PICKUPS Gibson Humbucking pickups have become known to millions of guitarists as the finest on the market. Although the design and name have been copied, the internal function cannot be duplicated due to a protective patent. The purpose of the Gibson Humbucking pickups is to offer a consistent strong output signal void of extraneous noise. The clear bell like guitar tone is a result of special shielding and unique pickup coil design. Although sensitive to the smallest string vibration, this high impedance pickup will reject interference such as hum, static or radiated noise.

SCALE LENGTH The L-5CES incorporates a 25 1/2" scale length. Longer than most conventional electric guitars, the L-5CES scale length is designed in direct proportion with the body size and tailpiece length. The scale length is very important to the proper "feel" and tension of the guitar strings.

ADVANCED BODY SIZE The body size of the L-5CES is most important to a full, responsive tone. Referred to as the "Tone chamber", the cubic air space when related to the vibrant qualities of the carved top creates the "heart and soul" of the ultimate tone. "F" SOUND HOLE DESIGN This Gibson innovation contributes a great deal in the performance of an acoustic, electric guitar. Even more so when incorporated with a quality, carved Spruce top, The placement and size of the F sound holes are ultimately important to a balanced sound.

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