Gibson L6-S shipping statistics and pricing

L6-S Custom, Deluxe and Midnight Special

The L6-S was one of Norlin-era Gibson's more successful models, with quite significant numbers shipped from 1973 and into the early 1980s. As with most models, production tended to continue somewhat after the model's official withdrawal. Gibson L6-S shipping statistics are available from 1973-1979, with the final inclusion in a Gibson US price list in September 1979.

L6-S shipping figures

The L6-S was launched at the 1973 NAMM show, with the greatest proportion of production occurring in the following year. As can be seen, the numbers shipped diminished to single figures by 1979. Although the majority of production data is split by finish, Sunburst and Cherry Sunburst guitars from 1973 certainly exist. Whether these are included in the data below or accidentally omitted is unclear.

Although this table encompasses the majority of production, the L6-S Custom and Deluxe were still being shipped into 1980 and 1981 (and possibly later?), and the Midnight Special into 1982, seemingly in similarly small numbers. Many of these were in Gibson's new Silverburst finish, not seen in the data available below.

Model \ Year1973197419751976197719781979total
L6-S Custom   31 793 797
L6-S Custom - Cherry   16    16
L6-S Custom - Ebony 2158996363631949534007
L6-S Custom - Natural Maple Gloss 179345597616137152066964
L6-S Custom - Tobacco Sunburst   15126283155 651
L6-S Custom - Wine Red   6414 125
L6-S Deluxe - Ebony     971222221
L6-S Deluxe - Natural Satin   91164547113312161
L6-S Deluxe - Tobacco Sunburst   8239934 164
L6-S Deluxe - Wine Red   32029629724 937
Midnight Special   30 5 338
Midnight Special - Ebony  248   1 249
Midnight Special - Natural Maple Gloss  496396761121982
Midnight Special - White   1361213  161
Midnight Special - Wine Red  40520141   647
Total L6-S Custom181504421152516113114631012297
Total L6-S Deluxe  123996496431333483
Total Midnight Special 114976312929342077

Gibson L6-S original pricing

Base prices are listed below with options listed as follows TSB - Tobacco Sunburst, WR - Wine Red, MPLE - maple, LH - left handed. The Midnight special was never listed in any Gibson price list.

All prices are zone 1 in $US

L6-S Custom

L6-S Deluxe

June 1973
May 1974
January 1975
June 1976
January 1977
May 1978
January 1979



Last price list appearances are 30/9/79 for the Custom and 1/6/79 for the Duluxe

Comparison of prices from the January 1975 Gibson price list

Les Paul Custom
SG Custom
Les Paul Deluxe


L6-S (Custom)
SG Standard
SG Special
L6-S Deluxe


Vintage Gibson L6S Parts For Sale

Gibson Varitone Control Knob
Gibson L6S Custom wiring loom
Gibson L-6S Deluxe Humbucker 1978
Gibson Plastic Strap Buttons 1970s/80s
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