Hagstrom eight-string bass, Vox Cheetah semi acoustic guitar with built in effects, Gibson EB3 bass
Hagstrom H-8 eight-string bassVox CheetahGibson EB3
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Gibson Les Paul Deluxe

LP Deluxe timeline

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Les Paul Deluxe timeline

1968 Les Paul catalog1968: The Les Paul Standard and Custom are manufactured for the first time since 1960 1977: $649 (1/1/77). Burst, natural and left-handed models still cost $30/$50 extra
1969: September - The Les Paul Deluxe is listed in the September price list at $425 1978 full line catalog1978: $699 ($749 for left handed, Wine red or Cherry sunburst) (15/5/78). Ebony (black) is listed in this price list, though not as a separate item in the shipping figures
1970 Les Paul catalog1970: $450 (1/9/70). Although shipping figures state the first Deluxes were shipped in 1970, production started in late 1969. Early instruments lack a volute and 'MADE IN USA' stamp 1979: $749 ($799 for left handed, Wine red or Cherry sunburst) (1/1/79)
1971: Cherry Sunburst finish listed in the June price list ($20 extra). Price rises to $475 (22/9/71). Walnut and Cherry finishes listed in shipping stats 1980 full line catalog1980: $799 ($849 for left handed, Tobacco Sunburst or Cherry sunburst) (7/1/80)
1972: $495 (15/10/72). Tobacco sunburst finish also listed in shipping stats, as well as a Deluxe with full-size humbuckers
Who guitarist Pete Townsend starts using the Les Paul Deluxe, replacing the SG Specials he had favoured for several years.
1981 Rosetti (UK) Gibson catalogue1981: $899 (1/4/81)
1973: $525 (1/6/73) 1982: $899 ($999 left handed) (1/6/82)
1974: $580 (1/5/74) 1983 Gibson catalog1983: $899 (EB, Wine red) $984 (Gold, Cherry sunburst) (15/6/83)
By this time, Gibson had returned to using mahogany necks.
1975 Les Paul catalog1975: The June price list is the first to list other finishes: Gold, Wine Red, Cherry or Tobacco Sunburst. The November list raises the price to $599. Shipping stats show blue and red sparkle finishes, as well as Natural for 1975, though these were never mentioned in '75 pricelists. (Sparkle finishes are never mentioned in any price list)
Around this time, necks start to be made of maple rather than mahogany
1984: $899
1976: Sunburst (Tobacco and Cherry) and Natural finishes are listed at $30 above the base $599. Left handed models are priced at $50 extra

Examine a 1976 LP Deluxe
1985: Discontinued

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Gibson Mini Humbucker Early 1970s

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