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Vintage Advertisements

Electric guitar advertisements originally published from 1975 onwards. Click on the images for larger copies. Check out other vintage Gibson advertisements

Gibson Marauder - No one ignores the Marauder

Gibson Marauder - No one ignores the Marauder (1975)
You don't monkey around with Gibson's new Marauder. It's an evil power machine. Designed to shatter. WIndows. Nerves

Gibson Marauder - KISS Knows looks Aren

Gibson Marauder - KISS Knows looks Aren't Everything (1976)
Rolling Stone calls Paul Stanley, "A sensuous purveyor of thunderous chords" His Gibson Marauder guitar helps Paul attain that acclaim. The action is fast. And the neck has one of the smoothest fre...

Gibson Marauder - Gibson Guitars. To the Tune of $399 and Up

Gibson Marauder - Gibson Guitars. To the Tune of $399 and Up (1979)
Gibson electric guitars begin with the Marauder at $399. And it begins where most of its competitors leave off—with high power electronics, a full range pan pickup potentiometer and the same craf...

Catalogue Appearances

1975 Gibson Solidbody catalogue

Gibson's latest solid body contribution is the Marauder. It's Humbucking rhythm pickup puts out a popular, powerful sound. And the totally new design lead pickup delivers a biting, treble sound that's a new high in itself. Or, combine the two tones for the best of both worlds.

1978 Gibson full line catalogue

Available in solid maple or mahogany body construction. Single cutaway. Shaped, double sided fingerrest. Wide travel, chrome-plated adjustable Tune-o-matic bridge. Chrome-plated stop-bar tailpiece. Two entirely different pickups for tremendous tonal versatility. Front pickup — "Super Humbucking" Back pickup — A totally new design with accented treble frequencies. Master volume and tune controls.

Promotional Record

1974 Gibson Marauder promotional record

In 1974/75 Gibson produced a number of promotional 7" 45 rpm records to promote various new instruments. These included one for the Ripper bass, and one for the Marauder guitar. Unlike the earlier flexi-discs made for the Les Paul Recording guitar and Triumph bass, these were actually made of vinyl, with a proper sleeve.

This disk demonstrated the guitar with, and without, accompaniment, and in a range of styles

Side one: narrated by Steve Baron. "Playing the guitar is a way of life; whether you're into country, rock, blues, or a combination of each, the instrument you choose to play, often becomes a leading factor in the way you musically live."

This side is split into five parts - each with a separate piece of music, and each in a different style. The into and outro are accompanied, but the three 'pickup' sounds are the Marauder alone. Clip 4, featuring both pickups shows that this was with recorded with an early Marauder, fitted with a three-way switch rather than the blend control that allowed the two pickups to me mixed to varying degrees.

Introduction to the Gibson Marauder - country-style

The bridge pickup - piercing blues licks

The neck pickup - mellow jazz

Both pickups - jazz rock(?)


Side two: a track highlighting the Gibson Marauder, featuring Bruce Bolen (Gibson Marauder guitar), Henry Sterlicky (Gibson Ripper bass), Johnny Propst (Keyboard), Drums Larry Londin.

Marauder demonstration track - this piece of music blends jazz, disco and rock for a sound that must have been completely in vogue when the record was recorded. Bruce Bolen, a Gibson employee and distinguished jazz guitarist, plays a number of styles throughout the track.

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