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1975 Gibson Marauder circuit schematic

The early Marauder (schematic above) had a three way pickup switch, allowing selection of front, rear or both pickups. Both volume and tone pots had a resistance of 300K.

In 1976/77 the switch was changed to a linear taper potentiometer (early versions use part 70036, later 70009), allowing the user to blend the two pickups to any degree. The potentiometers listed for the Marauder are summarised here; volume pot is part 70031, tone 70033.

Parts list

Taken from the 1981 parts list, though correct for all non-switch pickup selector models (see exception)


13670 Front Pickup
16102 Spring (1/2")
70249 Screw (3-48x3/4 PH RH MS NP)

13671 Back Pickup
16102 Spring (1/2")
70249 Screw (3-48x3/4 PH RH MS NP)

13666 Control Assembly Consists Of:
70031 Volume Pot (300K Audio Taper w/1/4" bushing)
70033 Volume Pot (100K Audio Taper w/1/4" bushing) [1]
70009 Control (75K Linear Taper) [2]
70250 Jack
70052 Capacitor (.02 mfd, 50V, 20%)

Below listed parts are not included in the control assembly above and may be ordered separately.

82207 Control Mounting Plate
15056 Screw (3x3/8 OH SMS NP)

15401 Hex Nut(NP)

15745 Washer (3/8" Flat NP)

19497 Control Knob

15756 Washer (internal tooth 3/8")
19221 Control Pointer Knob

29013 Fingerboard Nut

80539 Truss Rod Cover Assembly
15051 Screw (3x1/4) RH SMS NP)

82549 Machine Head Set
14592 Bass
14593 Treble

80040 Bridge Assembly Complete
10521 Bridge Saddle only
10946 Stud
10947 Anchor

81509 Tailpiece Complete
10135 String Bar (chrome)
10557 Stud (chrome)
10922 Anchor (chrome)
10924 "0" Ring (rubber)

84012 Strap Button — Front
15131 Screw (6x1 OH WS NP)

84013 Strap Button — Rear
15305 Screw (8x1/4 OH WS NP)

84008 Heel Plate
15310 Screw (8-32x1 3/4 PH OH MS NP)

1 - incorrectly stated as a volume pot, actually tone.
2 - the 1977 parts list suggests part 70036 (smaller resistance - 50K)

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