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Shipping Figures

From the June 1979 the RD Artist changed in a number of ways (see the RD Artist page for details). From then on, the original RD Artist was available by custom order as the RD-77. The newer Artist was then known as simply the RD Artist, or the RD-79. Shipping figures are confusing - whether the 1979 Artist figures include pre-79 RD-77s in not clear. The existance of 1977 RD-77s is also unexplained.

RD-77 and RD-79 guitars were available into the early 1980s, but no shipping figures are available.

Model \ Year197719781979total
RD Artist67413143522340
RD-777 114121
RD Custom6983523271377
RD Standard5824292541265


All prices are zone 1 in $US. There is no price difference between the RD 77 and RD 79 instruments

RD Artist RD Custom RD Standard

January 1978
January 1979
June 1979
January 1980




Last price list appearances are 1/7/80 for the Artist and 1/6/79 for the Custom and Standard

Comparison of prices from the January 1978 Gibson price list

Les Paul Custom
RD Artist
SG Custom
RD Custom
Les Paul Standard


RD Standard
L-6S Custom
SG Standard
L-6S Deluxe



The Gibson RD series appeared in these Gibson catalogues. All three models are listed in the 1978 catalogue, though only the RD Artist appears in the 1980.

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Cleo Comment left 28th December 2011 15:03:55 reply
How much did the Curly Maple Top RDs sell for - presumably more than the non CMT versions. You don't list them.