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1969 SG Special

The Gibson SG is a true design classic that has stood the test of time, remaining popular for over half a century. Numerous incarnations have been available, all with the double cutaway 'batwing' body style in common. SG, of course, stands for 'Solid Guitar', as the SG evolved from the first Gibson solid, the Les Paul. In fact the earliest Gibson SGs were actually sold as Les Pauls, despite the new body design, and simplified mahogany-only construction. The list of SG players is a who's who of the guitar. Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Pete Townsend, Carlos Santana, Angus Young. And so on.

1961 Gibson SG announcement
1961 announcement of the Gibson SG range of guitars

The SG Custom and the SG Standard were available first, debuting in early 1961. The high end Custom had gold plated hardware, 3 pickups and pearl inlays throughout. A very fine guitar. Both models sold well. A letter to Gibson dealers from late June 1961 explains "The New Model Les Paul Custom ... AND the New Les Paul Regular ... are enjoying tremendous acceptance. Sales of both models have already passed last year's entire output."

This sauces lead naturally to the addition of more models to the range: SG Junior, SG TV, SG Special, ranging in price from low to high. Even the Melody Maker was redesigned from it's popular body style to the SG shape. The number of SG models available fluctuated, reaching a peak in the early 1970s when there were also the SG Deluxe, and entry level models SGI, SGII, SG100, SG200 and SG250.

The SG is a Gibson staple, and hasn't changed significantly in nearly four decades. But of course there have been changes in hardware, neck profile, construction methods and so on - common to all Gibson instruments made in a factory always trying to improve upon its designs whilst remaining profitable over the long term. Models came and went. Have a look at the Gibson SG 1960s timeline and the SG 1970s timeline for some examples of these variations.

Different Gibson SG models

1965 Gibson SG Custom Image Heritage auctions

The SG Custom was the finest model in the SG line, with gold plated hardware and three humbucking PAF pickups. It was offered (initially) in white only, though later Cherry and Walnut. See more about the SG Custom here.

Or have a closer look at these SGs

Original Gibson SG advertising

Print advertisements for some of the various incarnations of the Gibson SG, 1961-1980

Electric guitar advertisements originally published from 1961 onwards. Click on the images for larger copies. Check out other vintage Gibson advertisements

Gibson SG custom - Solid Hit

Gibson SG custom - Solid Hit (1961)
The first advertisement for a true icon in the world of guitars; the Gibson SG (although still known as the Les Paul at this time). The advertisement features Les Paul and his then wife Mary Ford, ...

Gibson SG standard - Gibson lets you feel what you play - so you can play what you feel

Gibson SG standard - Gibson lets you feel what you play - so you can play what you feel (1972)
Your guitar has to have feeling too. Gibson SG Solid Bodies have a consistent and comfortable freedom across the fretboard that lets you add your own personal touch to each note. Going from one e...

Gibson SG standard - Already Standards, Always Special

Gibson SG standard - Already Standards, Always Special (1973)
Full page early seventies advert for two Gibson solid body guitars: the redesigned Gibson SG Standard (below, Cherry finish, Bigsby vibrato) and SG Special (above, Walnut finish).

Gibson SG standard - The Moment of Truth

Gibson SG standard - The Moment of Truth (1973)
The truth is, most rock recording artists play Gibson's "SG" solid body guitars. And they play them when it really counts... at the crucial moment when they have to put their reputations on record....

Gibson The SG - An SG. For Half A G

Gibson The SG - An SG. For Half A G (1979)
Here's a great old guitar tradition for a grand old price. Actually, half a grand. $499.50 to be exact. "The SG" guitar by Gibson.
Gibson SG guitars have been playing sellout concerts and hit ...

Gibson The SG - Gibson Guitars. To the Tune of $399 and Up

Gibson The SG - Gibson Guitars. To the Tune of $399 and Up (1979)
Gibson electric guitars begin with the Marauder at $399. And it begins where most of its competitors leave off—with high power electronics, a full range pan pickup potentiometer and the same craf...

Gibson The SG - The Firebrands. Hot New Brands at a Price that Doesn

Gibson The SG - The Firebrands. Hot New Brands at a Price that Doesn't Burn. (1980)
Advert for two new versions of two established Gibson models: "The SG" Deluxe and "The Paul" Deluxe. In 1980 Gibson decided on a new branding concept for its instruments; there would be three serie...

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Gibson SG for sale

1974 Gibson SG Standard Electric Guitar Walnut



1974 Gibson SG Standard Electric Guitar Walnut Item #: 700400783 Color: Walnut Size: 39" Model: SG Standard Type: Guitar - Electric Brand: Gibson Number of strings: 6 Material: Wood Case included: yes Dexterity: Right handed Number of frets: 22 Country of Manufacture: United States of America Shipping Policies Domestic All items are shipped via USPS / UPS. We do not ship outside the U S. Return Policy Returns are accepted. Full amount refunded. All returns must be postmarked within 14 business ... more

Vintage 1967 Gibson CTS 500k matched pot set Volume Tone PAF ES-335 SG Standard



Vintage Correct Parts is proud to offer, for your consideration, A completely original and fantastic Vintage original 1967 Gibson / CTS 500k matched pot set Very cool part in great shape These are a great set for your restoration of that Clapton era ES-335 or SG! Also correct for an early 1968 Les Paul Standard Goldtop! Or drop them into your CS reissue and NAIL that woman tone! Two volume and two tone Perfect working condition with no stick or crackle All pots are 500k linear audio taper Date... more

Gibson SG Special - 1989 - Ferrari Red w / OHSC



Gibson SG Special - 1989 - Ferrari Red w / OHSC This is a 1989 Gibson SG Special in Ferrari red finish with ebony fingerboard. This guitar has some cosmetic nicks / dings / scratches / chips but overall is still a good looking guitar. The frets are in good shape and the guitar looks, plays, sounds, and feels great! This still has the stock Gibson Bill Lawrence pickups and they work perfectly and sound great. Guitar plays cleanly up and down the neck with no buzzes or issues. The nut and tuners ... more

100% Original 1965 Gibson Melody Maker SG Pickguard Pickup Pots Knobs Assembly



100% Original 1965 Gibson Melody Maker SG Pickguard Pickup Pots Knobs Assembly. Was removed from an original 1965 Gibson Melody and is guaranteed to be authentic. Comes exactly as pictured.... more

1970s Gibson Switch Tip Cream For Les Paul Es335 SG S1 G3 L6S 1975 1976 1974 USA



1970s Gibson Cream Switch Tip Authentic mid-1970s Cream Switch Tip from a Gibson Les Paul. Appropriate for several models of electric bass and guitar such as the Es-335, Les Paul, SG, L6S, and G3. Great ambering / discoloration / scratching from age- see pictures! Not a reproduction. SKU# 3009... more

Vintage 70's GIBSON Kluson STRIP Tuners Keys for Gibson J-50 J-45 B-25 SG Jr.



This listing is for a set of Gibson Deluxe 3 per side strip tuners. These are early 70's. They're in good shape, but they do show some wear. The buttons are yellowed and one button shaft is bent. They are just like late 60's Kluson Deluxes, but with "Gibson" brand. These tuners were used on a few Gibson guitars in the early 70's. Original screws are included. Bushings are not included. 7 % sales tax will be added to all items shipped inside the state of Florida. I will ship most of my items to ... more

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Tim Comment left 2nd February 2017 23:11:56 reply
I have been told this sg (I inherited from my father) is a 1971 or a 1973 I think it's mahogany It's in very, very good condition serial# 104787 Can you give me an estimate of it's worth?
Vintage Guitar and Bass Comment left 3rd February 2017 12:12:16 reply
Hi Tim, unfortunately the serial number alone doesn't help value your guitar - the precise model and condition are important. Can you post some pics in the forum and i'll tell you what I can. Thanks
nick simmons Comment left 24th March 2013 21:09:05 reply
Trying to find value of a Gibson S.G.guitar made in early 70's.Ser #397925
jimmy hendrix Comment left 8th July 2012 16:04:22 reply
Need a valuation of a 1964 SG Standard. Please email as soon as possible



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