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'71 Gibson SG Deluxe Value - players grade, help on valuation please
1 replies
last message by George Porter
16/02/2014 20:53

Gibson "SG" variant ID....
9 replies
last message by javamagic
20/10/2013 16:57

1972 Gibson SG Special
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last message by jules
09/06/2013 15:13

Tuner broken on my '73 SG Special
2 replies
last message by Deelow
01/04/2013 12:59

1971 Gibson SG Custom
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last message by Gitar Dave
26/01/2013 11:58

1965 Gibson SG Standard
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last message by Jackaboutguitars
29/07/2012 18:03

1969 SG Special

The Gibson SG is a true design classic that has stood the test of time, remaining popular for almost half a century. The list of SG players is a who's who of the guitar. Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Pete Townsend, Carlos Santana, Angus Young. And so on.

The SG Custom and the SG Standard were available first in early 1961. The high end Custom had gold plated hardware, 3 pickups and pearl inlays throughout. A very fine guitar. Both models sold well. A letter to Gibson dealers from late June 1961 explains "The New Model Les Paul Custom ... AND the New Les Paul Regular ... are enjoying tremendous acceptance. Sales of both models have already passed last year's entire output."

This sucess lead naturally to the addition of more models to the range: SG Junior, SG TV, SG Special, ranging in price from low to high. Even the Melody Maker was redesigned from it's popular body style to the SG shape. The number of SG models available fluctuated, reaching a peak in the early 1970s when there were also the SG Deluxe, and entry level models SGI, SGII, SG100, SG200 and SG250.

The SG is a Gibson staple, and hasn't changed significantly in nearly four decades. But of course there have been changes in hardware, neck profile, construction methods and so on - common to all Gibson instruments made in a factory always trying to improve upon its designs whilst remaining profitable over the long term. Models came and went. Have a look at the Gibson SG 1960s timeline and the SG 1970s timeline for some examples of these variations.

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US ebay listings

Vintage 1979 Gibson SG 3 Pickup Refinished Black Ebony With OHSC

Current price: $1999.99
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Time left: 18d 1h 40m

Current price: $1999.99
buy it now
Time left: 26d 6m
Vintage 1973 Gibson SG Electric Guitar Walnut Natural Finish

Current price: $1999.00
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Time left: 2d 22h 20m
Wonderful Gibson Derek Trucks Signature SG Electric Guitar, Vintage Red Stain

Current price: $1999.00
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Time left: 14d 23h 6m
Vintage Gibson USA SG Standard Guitar 1979 Cream White, Hard Case, Ships WW

Current price: $1999.00
buy it now
Time left: 22d 21h 57m
Vintage Gibson 1962 NICKEL Patent Number PAF pickup ES-335 LES Paul SG ES-175

Current price: $1995.00
buy it now
Time left: 6d 3h 23m
Vintage Gibson 1969 SG Standard KILLER PLAYER - 1970 1971 Les Paul AMAZING TONE!

Current price: $1995.00
buy it now
Time left: 7d 30m
Vintage 1972 - 1974 Gibson SG Special Walnut Cherry Red Mahogany Electric Guitar

Current price: $1949.49
buy it now
Time left: 27d 13h 22m
See more results on eBay here

UK ebay listings


Current price: £2042.65
buy it now
Time left: 1h 10m
Vintage Gibson SG Custom with 3 Paf's 1961/2

Current price: £8000.00
buy it now
Time left: 1d 17h 51m

Current price: £1195.00
buy it now
Time left: 6d 15h 59m
See more results on eBay here

German ebay listings

Kay Bass USA, GIBSON SG Standard Form, um 1960

Current price: €21.61
buy it now
Time left: 7d 15h 49m
Gibson SG Lefthand mit Bigsby Baujahr 1973 Vintage

Current price: €3500.00
buy it now
Time left: 9d 6h 18m
See more results on eBay here

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jimmy hendrix Comment left 8th July 2012 15:03:22
Need a valuation of a 1964 SG Standard. Please email as soon as possible
nick simmons Comment left 24th March 2013 20:08:05
Trying to find value of a Gibson S.G.guitar made in early 70's.Ser #397925

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