Gibson ES-125 and ES-125T

1958 Gibson Electric Guitar and Amplifier Catalogue Page 11

Gibson 1958 electric guitars and amplifiers catalogue. Page 11. Details of two versions of the Gibson ES-125, the full-body ES-125 and the thinline, but otherwise identical, ES-125T guitars. The Es-125 had been in the Gibson range since 1946, with the ES-125T only joining the line at the end of 1956. At the time these were the best selling of Gibson's hollowbody electric Spanish guitars, but as the fifties gave way to the sixties, sales dropped in favour of guitars with cutaways, most notably the Gibson ES-330.

1958 zone 1 US prices: ES-125 $145; ES-125T $145; ES-125TD $179.50

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1958 Gibson Electric Guitars and Amplifiers Catalogue page 11 - ES-125 and ES-125T

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