Les Paul Junior 3/4 and LG-2 3/4

1958 Gibson Electric Guitar and Amplifier Catalogue Page 13

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Gibson 1958 electric guitars and amplifiers catalogue, page 13. The 3/4 size guitars continue from page 12 with details of two more student models. The Gibson Les Paul Junior 3/4 and LG-2 3/4 guitars. The LG-2 is obviously an acoustic model, and as such it's inclusion in this catalogue (Gibson electrics) is somewhat of an anomaly.

3/4 size models, were no less expensive than their full-size equivalents. See the full-scale Les Paul Junior on page 17. 1958 prices for these guitars were: Les Paul Junior 3/4 $120; LG-2 3/4 $97.50 (USA zone 1 prices)

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1958 Gibson Electric Guitars and Amplifiers Catalogue page 13 - Les Paul Junior 3/4 and LG-2 3/4

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patti74 Comment left 3rd July 2012 16:04:11 reply
My dad has an old (late 1950s maybe?) Les Paul like the one pictured in the catalog above. It is the 3/4 size guitar. Are these valuable? He hasn't played it since 1960. It needs a good clean, but everything is original, right down to the strings.