Gibson ES-350T and ES-295

1958 Gibson Electric Guitar and Amplifier Catalogue Page 8

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Gibson 1958 electric guitars and amplifiers catalogue, page 8. This page shows two electric Spanish Gibson semi-acoustics that are perhaps less well-known than many other Gibson guitars. The Gibson ES-350T naturally descended from the full-body ES-350, and was one of the first thinline guitars. It sold in moderate numbers, but was never really able to compete with the double cutaway thinlines such as the ES-335, 345 and 355, once they were introduced. The ES-295 was a full body semi-acoustic, notable for it's splendid gold finish. It had been available throughout the 1950s, but by 1958 was struggling to sell. This then was it's final catalogue appearance.

1958 zone 1 US prices: ES-350T $410 ($425 natural finish); ES-295 $325

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1958 Gibson Electric Guitars and Amplifiers Catalogue page 8 - Gibson ES-350T and ES-295

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