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1960 Gibson Guitar and Amplifier Catalogue Page 14

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Gibson 1960 guitar and bass catalogue. Page 14. Gibsons finest instruments; two archtop hollow body jazz guitars, and the most expensive guitars in the 1960 Gibson guitar and amplifier catalogue (excluding multiple neck steel guitars). The first is the rather fine 18" wide Super 400 CES, the second, the slightly smaller, 17" L-5 CES. Both were made with a carved spruce top, gold plated hardware and were available in Natural and Sunburst finish.

This is actually the final appearance of the Super 400 in a catlogue (until 1970) with a rounded Venetian cutaway. The rest of Gibson's 1960s catalogues (for example, see the 1962 catalogue) show the Super 400 with a pointed Florentine cutaway.

1960 US zone 1 prices were: Super 400 CES $750 ($775 Natural finish); L-5 CES $650 ($665 Natural finish).

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1960 Gibson guitar and bass catalogue - page 14

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