Gibson ES-330T and ES-335TD

1960 Gibson Guitar and Amplifier Catalogue Page 8

Gibson 1960 guitar and bass catalogue. Page 8. Details of the Gibson ES-330T and ES-335TD. The ES-330 was only launched in 1959; the previous year, and this is it's first catalogue appearance. The 330 shown is the comparitively rare one-pickup version, the ES-330T, as opposed to TD (D standing for Double pickup). The single pickup version was phased out in 1963. The Es-335 was first included in the 1958 Gibson catalogue, and has been a mainstay of the Gibson range ever since.

1960 Zone 1, USA list prices: Gibson ES-330T $210 ($225 natural finish); ES-330TD $250 ($265 natural finish); ES-335TD $279.50 ($295 natural finish).

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1960 Gibson guitar and bass catalogue - page 8 - Gibson ES-330T and ES-335TD

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