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1962 Gibson Guitar and Amplifier Catalogue Page 10

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Gibson 1962 guitar and amplifier catalogue. Page 10. Details of the Gibson SG Custom and Gibson SG Standard guitars - although at the time they were known as the Les Paul Custom and Les Paul Standard. The SG range of guitars had only just been created, but were an immediate sucess, with promising sales, and a great response from the guitar buying public. As would be expected the ornate (and therefore expensive) SG Custom sold in far smaller numbers than other models, but was still commercially viable, and both models shown here remain in the Gibson range, barely changed to this day.

Note, both of these guitars are equipped with the short-lived Gibson side-to-side Vibrola, which, by the 1964 Gibson catalogue had been replaced by the Gibson Deluxe vibrola.

The image at the bottom of the page (that spreads into page 11) is of Les Paul and his wife/musical partner, Mary Ford, who both played and promoted Les Paul guitars. Ironically, by the time this catalogue was distributed their marriage was over.

1962 USA zone 1 prices for these guitars are as follows: (Oct 1962 price list) Les Paul Custom $425, Les Paul Standard $290.

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Gibson SG Custom and Gibson SG Standard - 1962 Gibson guitar and bass catalogue - page 10 - Les Paul Custom (SG) and Les Paul Standard (SG)

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