Gibson Multiharp, EH-620, EH-630, EH-810, EH-820

1962 Gibson Guitar and Amplifier Catalogue Page 18

Gibson 1962 guitar and amplifier catalogue. Page 18. Gibson electric steel guitars. Details of five pedal steels, the Gibson Multiharp, eight pedal double neck Electraharp EH-820, eight pedal single neck neck Electraharp EH-810, six pedal Electraharp EH-620 and the four pedal Electraharp EH-630 (misprinted as EH-360)

1962 zone 1 US prices were: Multiharp $980, EH-810 $1200, EH-820 $1500, EH-620 $745 and EH-630 $645

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1962 Gibson guitar and bass catalogue - page 18 - Gibson Multiharp, EH-620, EH-630, EH-810, EH-820

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