Gibson C-1, C-1E, C-2 and C-6

1962 Gibson Guitar and Amplifier Catalogue Page 38

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Gibson 1962 guitar and amplifier catalogue. Page 38. Details of the C-1, C-1E, C-2 and C-6 classic guitars

The image and much of the text on this page is identical to that of the previous (1960) catalogue here, however this page also introduces the C-1E; a version of the C-1 with a pickup inbuilt into the bridge.

Proof that it could be done! This amplified guitar is traditionally classic even to nylon strings. With a specially engineered new, powerful ceramic bridge pickup and a specially matched amplifier that filters out fingering noises, its classic guitar tone is more responsive, but equally true and brilliant, matching the recorded tonal quality and volume of leading classic artists. Ideal for both classic and folk music. And the price is unusually low!

1962 prices for these instruments are as follows: C-1 $119.50; C-1E $180; C-2 $215; C-6 $360.

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1962 Gibson guitar and bass catalogue - page 38 - C-1, C-1E, C-2 and C-6 classic guitars

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