Gibson SG Custom, Standard and Special

1964 Gibson Electric Guitars Page 11

Gibson 1964 Guitar and Bass catalogue. Page 11. The SG range of guitars was gaining in popularity in the mid 1960s. They would be absolutely massive by the end of the decade, but this was still before the patronage of George Harrison of the Beatles, Eric Clapton of Cream, Robbie Kreiger of the Doors and Carlos Santana. In fact the SG series, rather than being associated with rock acts, was still probably more associated with Les Paul; these guitars evolved from the Les Paul guitars of the late 1950s, and even carried his name initially. The range consisted of several models from very fine Gibson SG Custom to the simple single pickup SG Junior that is shown on page 12

This page details three models: the high end SG Custom with gold hardware and three humbucking pickups, the still-rather-fine Gibson SG Standard with just two nickel-plated humbuckers and the Gibson SG Special - a simpler SG with P90 single coil pickups.

But as of 1963, the SG Custom no longer took pride of place as Gibson's most luxurious solid body; the Firebird VII (see page 9), whilst rather similar in appointments actually cost an extra $20.

USA zone 1 prices for 1964 were: SG Custom $480, SG Standard $330, SG Special $240.

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1964 Gibson Guitar and Bass catalogue page 11 - Gibson SG Custom, Standard and Special

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