Gibson SG-TV, SG Junior and Melody Maker

1964 Gibson Electric Guitars Page 12

Gibson 1964 Guitar and Bass catalogue. Page 12. The SG series continues from the high end models on the previous page with the bread and butter models that sold in much larger numbers. The world was starting to go SG mad, but these were expensive guitars. The SG-TV and SG Junior were single pickup models, but affordable for the very many guitar players that wanted a solid body Gibson.

The Melody Maker also sold in absolutely huge numbers in the mid 1960s, but this was actually the last appearance in a catalogue of the Les Paul Junior style Melody Maker; by the time of the 1966 catalogue, it too had been redesigned and given an SG shape.

USA zone 1 prices for these guitars in 1964 were listed as: SG Junior $165, SG TV $165, Melody Maker $165, Melody Maker Double $127.50. Have a closer look at a 1964 Gibson Melody Maker.

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1964 Gibson Guitar and Bass catalogue page 12 -  SG-TV, SG Junior and Melody Maker

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