Gibson ES140 3/4, ES125T and ES120T

1964 Gibson Electric Guitars Page 8

1964 Gibson Guitar and Bass catalogue. Page 8. Electric Spanish thinline guitars. Details of the three most competetively priced Gibson thinlines of 1964, the ES-125T, ES-140T 3/4 and ES-120T

These instruments were really aimed at student guitarists, at the least the ES125T and ES140T were available as 3/4 size instruments for people with a smaller reach. The ES-120T, whilst a very well-built guitar, had very simple electronics, allowing it to retail at roughly the same price as an SG Junior. A remarkably low price compared to Gibson's other hollow and semi-hollow offerings.

Although the very first ES-120T shipped in 1961 (and it was only one instrument), this was the first catalogue inclusion of the model; it was just a little too late to make the 1962 Gibson catalogue.

Suggested prices were: ES125T and ES125T 3/4 $195, ES140T 3/4 $245, ES120T $170. American zone 1 prices, September 1964.

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1964 Gibson Guitar and Bass catalogue page 8 - ES140 3/4, ES125T and ES120T

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