EB-2 bass and EDS-1275 double neck guitar

1966 Gibson Catalogue Page 15

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Gibson 1966 Full Line catalogue. Page 15. Details of the EB-2 and three double-neck guitars; the EDS-1275 Double-12, EMS-1235 Double Mandolin and EBS-1250 Double Bass.

The EB-2 had been in the Gibson line from 1958 to early 1961 before being replaced by the EB-3. But in 1964 it was reintroduced, and this was it's first appearance in a Gibson catalogue since then. A number of changes had been instituted in mid 1965: a new bridge, mute fitted as standard and chrome plated handrest. What's more Cherry was available as a finish option from 1965, and is shown here in this, the first full-colour Gibson catalogue.

October 1966 US zone 1 prices were: EB2 $360 ($375 Cherry finish), Double Bass $810, Double Twelve $750, Double Mandolin $750.

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1966 Gibson Full Line catalogue page 15 - EB-2 bass and EDS-1275 double neck guitar

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