1966 Gibson fold-out leaflet

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This 1966 flyer is a single sheet, folded into 3 panels. Rather than describing individual models in detail, a collage of illustrations depict the brand, and Gibson's clientel in a more general way. There are pictorial examples of many of the products in Gibson's line, including a Barney Kessel guitar, an ES-335TD, an ES-335 12 string, and an EBO bass.

1966 Gibson catalogue page 1
1966 Gibson catalogue page 2

Instruments are split into categories: artist series, 12 string guitars and doublenecks, solid body guitars and amplifiers, popular acoustic and electric guitars, folk guitars and banjos, and country & western.

The artwork in this brochure is very similar in style to that of two other 1966 catalogues in the CMI stable, the 1966 Epiphone and Kalamazoo brochures. Furthermore a number of print ads used in 1965/66 were also in the same style.

In 1966, owners, CMI (Chicago Musical Instrument company) were rightly promoting Gibson as a brand for serious musicians; their guitars were built in traditional ways by craftsmen, in contrast to the lesser brands aimed at the youngsters being caught up in the guitar/beat boom of mid-1960s USA. All the characters illustrated in this flyer are suitably traditional/conservative; older men wearing ties; surely playing jazz and bluegrass. No long haired kids to be seen, although some are represented, in the Kalamazoo brochure.

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