Gibson ES-335TD, ES-330TD, ES-125TC and ES-125TDC

1966 Gibson Catalogue Page 7

1966 Gibson Full Line Guitar Catalogue Page 7. Details of three thinline electric acoustic guitars: ES-335TD, ES-330TD, ES-125TC and ES-125TDC

This is the first catalogue page Gibson produced showing these guitars in colour - and what a great impression the three finishes must have made. There are a few subtle differences (beyond colour) to the guitars pictured from the corresponding page in the 1964 catalogue - the 335 is shown equipped with the same trapeze tailpiece as the other models - instead of the stop tailpiece shown in previous publicity, and the ES-125 shown is a very fine dual pickup version with gorgeous cherry sunburst finish. Up until 1964, the single pickup ES-125TC outsold the ES-125TDC every year. From 1965, the opposite was true with the dual pickup guitar continually outselling the single.

1966 US zone 1 prices were: ES335TD $365 ($380 Cherry finish); ES330TD $335 ($350 Cherry finish); ES125TDC $295; ES125TC $265.

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1966 Gibson Full Line Guitar Catalogue Page 7 - ES-335TD, ES-330TD and ES-125TDC

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