Gibson ES-140T 3/4, ES-125T and ES-120T

1966 Gibson Catalogue Page 8

1966 Gibson Full Line Guitar Catalogue Page 8. Details of three thinline electric acoustic guitars aimed at student guitarists: two 3/4 size guitars, the ES-140T 3/4, ES-125T (available as a 3/4 or full-size guitar) and the full size ES-120T.

These were naturally well-built instruments, with a very nice nitrocellulose finish, body binding and fitted with a quality Gibson components. With regards to woods, finish and construction, these are much the same as the far more expensive ES series guitars. Gibson's approach to student models in the 1960s was very different to today. Then, they would build a guitar to a similar standard to their higher end models, but fit it with just one, often low/mid quality single coil pickup. The single coil PU380 Melody Maker pickup fitted to the ES-120T being a point in case.

Starting in the '70s, but even moreso today, the reverse is true: entry level guitars are made from cheaper woods with low quality satin finishes, but typically fitted with two high output humbuckers. In may ways this reflects the changes in manufacture costs as production methods changed over the last decades.

1966 US zone 1 prices were: ES140T 3/4 $265; ES125T $225; ES120T $195.

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1966 Gibson Full Line catalogue page 8 - ES140T, ES125T and ES120T

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