Gibson ES-335-12, and Firebird V-12

1966 Gibson Catalogue Page 9

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Gibson 1966 Full Line catalogue. page 9. Details of the Gibson ES-335-12 hollow-bodied 12 string, and the solid-body Firebird V-12 12 string. This was the first catalogue appearance of the non-reverse body Thunderbirds, and in fact the first appearance of any 12 string electrics; electric twelve strings really only became popular in the middle 1960s, being used by the likes of George Harrison and Roger McGuinn. This popularity was short lived however, and neither of these guitars sold in large numbers.

This great Gibson guitar combines all the unique tonal qualities and special tunings of the fabulous 12-string guitar in the modern thin body double cutaway, with the first three pairs of strings tuned unison and the second tuned in octaves. The Gibson 12-string adds new fullness and harmony to combos and provides a spectacular solo sound

1966 US zone 1 prices were: ES-335-12 $410 ($425 Cherry finish) and Firebird V-12 $309.50

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1966 Gibson Full Line catalogue page 9

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