Skylark, Hawk, Thor and Falcon amplifiers

1968 Gibson guitar pamphlet page 4

Gibson 1968 "it goes where you go" pamphlet. Page 4. In late 1967, Gibson revamped their amplifier range, this '68 brochure being one of the first (and only) items of publicity.

Illustration of the new Skylark, Hawk, Thor and Falcon amplifiers. The Gibson Skylark had been in the Gibson line for many years (as the GA-5), but the 1968-1970 version was completely restyled. The 5w Skylark had a single 10" speaker, and was also available as the Skylark T (with tremolo). In June 1968 these amps were priced at $75 / $85.

The Hawk was 12w, five-tube amplifier, still with a 10" speaker, and with a '68 list price of $165.

The Gibson Falcon (also a name previously used in association with the GA-19RVT) was still 12w, but had six tubes - and was priced somewhat more at $210. Still equipped with Tremolo, Reverb but a larger 12" speaker cone.

The Gibson Thor was a new 50w bass amplifier - four tubes with two 10" speakers. The Thor had a 1968 list price of $225.

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1968 Gibson guitar pamphlet page 4 L5-S

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