Melody Maker and J-50 acoustic

1968 Gibson guitar pamphlet page 6

Gibson 1968 "it goes where you go" pamphlet. Page 6 - Gibson entry level models. The popularly priced Gibson Melody Maker solid-body and the J-50 flat top acoustic. Two guitars keeping true to Gibson's standard of workmanship, but at a low-mid level price point.

The Melody Maker was listed here as available in Pelham Blue and Fire Engine Red, as shown here - though the 1967 and 1968 price lists describes Pelham Blue and Sparkling Burgundy. Melody Maker sales dropped considerably in this period, and by 1970, all Melody Makers were finished in translucent Walnut. See the Melody Maker D in the 1970 Electric Solid Bodies brochure.

As was the case with images earlier in this brochure, the images below were first used on pages 11 and 30 of the 1966 catalogue.

June 1968 US zone 1 prices were: Gibson Melody Maker D $199.50, J-50 $250.

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1968 Gibson guitar pamphlet page 6 - Gibson Melody Maker and J-50 acoustic

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