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This 1968 Gibson guitar pamphlet was fairly concise - at just eight sides and measuring roughly 5" x 9" it only contained a small sample of Gibson's range: four pages of guitars, and two pages of guitar amplifiers. It was vibrantly coloured however, and quite a good synopsis of the companies entry-intermediate level products.

Broadly speaking, there was an example of each kind of guitar; a solid body, a semi acoustic, a twelve string, a bass. And so on. All guitars are proven sellers rather than the specialist instruments produced in smaller numbers. In each case, images are the same as those first used in the 1966 Gibson catalogue. The amplifiers, on the other hand, are all new (or in the case of the Skylark and Falcon re-designed) models, and are only listed in 1968 price lists for the first time.

It featured the following instruments. Click on the images for full size versions, or click on the model names below to see the respective catalogue page

Electric Guitars:
SG Standard
Melody Maker


Acoustic flat tops:

Skylark, Hawk, Thor and Falcon
Duo-Medalist, Super Medalist, Medalist 4/10 and GTR 600

Gibson guitars say what you want them to. Here is sound that never quits whether you're in concert or want a guitar that's just you. When you hear great Rock, Soul, Jazz or Country music, chances are theres a Gibson at work. After all guitars have been our thing for seventy years.

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Fred Manteghian Comment left 5th May 2019 22:10:18 reply
I’m confused why the SG in this 1968 pamphlet still shows the smaller pick guard. Gibson started using the full “bat wing” style that went around the pickups in late 1966.