Gibson Les Paul bass owners manual

page 4 - specifications

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1969 owners manual for the Gibson Les Paul bass. Page 4 gives specifications, and describes the low impedance transformer required when not using the Gibson LP12 Les Paul amplifier, (or other amp with low impedance input). This, along with the guitars weight, was the biggest problem with the Les Paul Bass; both were addressed when the model was replaced by the Les Paul Triumph in 1971.

The specifications are quite detailed, describing the precise species of woods used (British Honduras mahogany body and neck, Brazilian rosewood fretboard, white holly headstock veneer), suggested string set (0055) and the recommended action. String set 0055 was described as "HI-FI" flatwound with guages .048 .054 .076 and .095 - quite light by today's standards.

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1969 Gibson Les Paul bass owners manual - page 4

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