Les Paul LP1 amplifier and LP2 cabinet

1970 Gibson Les Paul catalogue page 10

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1970 Gibson Les Paul catalogue page 10

1970 Gibson Les Paul catalogue. Page 10. Left hand page of a double spread on the the Gibson Les Paul LP-1 preamplifier and the LP-2 speaker cabinet. The LP-1 was a 190w solid state pre-amp with built-in vibrato, tremolo, vibrola and reverb. The LP-2, a speaker cabinet with four heavy duty 12" speakers and two treble horns.

Continued on page 11.

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St├ęphane Comment left 11th September 2012 19:07:09 reply
Hi, I have the same preap and cabinet and would also like to know its value.
George Daege Comment left 6th September 2012 18:06:34 reply
I own a Les Paul LP1 preamp and LP2 speaker cabinet. can you give me an idea of its value. This amp was never pushed or taken out to church once. Also the brochure that we had with this amp was lost. is there any place that I could find a copy of this or at least a picture?