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1970 Gibson Les Paul catalogue page 4

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1970 Gibson Les Paul catalogue page 4 - Les Paul Deluxe

Gibson 1970 Les Paul catalogue. Page 3. Image and specifications of the Les Paul Deluxe.

The Les Paul Deluxe was launched in 1970; replacing the Les Paul Standard which had been reissued in 1968. This was the first catalogue appearance of this model. Generally very similar to the 1969 Standard, the Deluxe had the same dimensions, mahogany/maple body construction, and laminate mahogany set neck. The difference was the choice of pickup: Gibson mini-humbuckers as opposed to cream covered P90s.

This Les Paul model is "deluxe" in every way. Fine performance and outstanding styling. The attractive gold finished carved maple top is magnificently highlighted by two powerful chrome-plated humbucking pickups

The Les Paul Deluxe was only available with gold top in 1970, but other finishes were quickly introduced. It sold well in the 1970s, especially between 1971 and 1973, with over 38000 instruments shipped in that decade.

1970 US zone 1 price for the Les Paul Deluxe was $425 in March 1970, rising to $450 by September.

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