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1970 Gibson Les Paul catalogue page 8

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1970 Gibson Les Paul catalogue page 8

Gibson 1970 Les Paul catalogue. Page 8. Details of the Gibson Les Paul Bass. The 1970 Gibson catalogue series had a number of other basses that appeared in their own 1970 Gibson bass brochure.

Like the Gibson Les Paul Personal and the Les Paul Professional, the Les Paul bass also had low impedance pickups, designed by Les Paul. And like those guitars, the 1970 catalogues were the only ones to show them. The controls appear more or less the same from the bass to the guitars, but the tone switch has a very different function on the bass. For a precise description of the Les Paul bass controls, see the 1969 owners manual.

The Les Paul Bass was replaced by the Les Paul Triumph in 1971.

The frequency response, range of harmonics and crisp clear tones of the LP Bass will exceed that of any electric bass on the market to date

1970 US zone 1 prices were $465 (March 1970) and $495 (September 1970).

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