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1970 Gibson Les Paul catalogue page 9

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1970 Gibson Les Paul catalogue page 9

1970 Gibson Les Paul catalogue. Page 9. Details of the Gibson Les Paul LP-12 amplifier. The LP-12 was a 190w LP-1 preamp, with a 4x12 LP-2 speaker cabinet. This amplifier had both high and low impedance inputs, and was desiged to operate with the low impedance guitars also in this catalogue: the Les Paul Personal, Professional, Jumbo and bass, shown on pages 5, 6, 7, and 8.

Those who have heard the LP-12 call it the "monster" ...and with good reason. This amplifier not only grabs you ...it shakes you! If that's not enough, there are output jacks on the back of each cabinet to allow you to drive as many as ten amplifier speaker cabinets from one preamp

1970 US zone 1 price for the LP-12 was $1095, or $495 for the LP-1 pre-amp, $695 for the LP-2 power amp/speakers.

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jedijed Comment left 18th July 2012 17:05:43 reply
Is this a solid state or valve amp please?
Vintage Guitar and Bass Comment left 19th July 2012 19:07:46 reply
This is a solid state amplifier