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1970 Gibson bass catalogue page 5

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1970 Gibson bass catalogue page 5

1970 Gibson bass bass catalogue, page 5. Details of the Gibson EB0. Interestingly enough this image is of the older 'solid headstock' style EB-0 that had been replaced by the slotted headstock basses on pages 3 and 4. The EB-0 is already listed on page 4, so it is unclear why this bass is shown here. Perhaps the EB-0 listing was not actually required on page 4? Or images of the new EB-0 were not ready in time for the printing of this brochure? One other possibility is that both old and new versions of the EB0 were available simultaneously for a while - though one might expect a different model number to have been listed had this been the case. This is not the only anomaly in this brochure, see page 6.

The EB-0 shown sports Gibson's translucent Cherry finish.

The US zone 1 price was as follows: $390 (March 1970), rising to $410 (September 1970).

This is the most popular bass in its price class! The smooth fingerboard permits quick, easy runs, and joins the contoured double cutaway body at the 17th fret. Available in two striking finishes: Cherry or Walnut.

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Dabass Comment left 9th February 2015 11:11:50 reply
I have a 1970 ebo, with no string mute and open headstock. Is it rare? could you help with a valuation?