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1970 Gibson Electric Acoustics catalogue page 2

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Gibson Citation - 1970 Gibson Electric Acoustics catalogue Page 2

Gibson 1970 Electric Acoustics catalogue, page 2. Details of the spectacularly fine Gibson Citation electric acoustic guitar. This was the Citation's first catalogue appearance after its debut in 1969.

Years of dedication, experience and craftsmanship have made the citation the finest instrument of its kind in the world. The visual elegance and magnificent tone quality of the Citation will long be appreciated by the proud owner of this distinctive instrument

The Citation was an incredibly expensive guitar, over twice the price of any other guitars produced by Gibson at the time. 1970 US zone 1 list price was $2500. Naturally this instrument was produced in very limited numbers - just three examples shipped in 1969, one in 1970 and four in 1971. Though the Citation remained in the next Gibson electric acoustic catalogue (1975), no Citations were ordered between 1972 and 1978.

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