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1970 Gibson Electric Acoustics catalogue page 3

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Gibson Johnny Smith - 1970 Gibson Electric Acoustics catalogue Page 3

Gibson 1970 Electric Acoustics catalogue, page 3. Details of the Gibson Johnny Smith electric acoustic guitar; a very fine archtop hollow-body guitar, developed by Gibson with the help of jazz guitarist Johnny Smith.

This was a beautifully built guitar with a carved Spruce top and carved maple back. In order not to impede the vibrations when, played nothing was mounted into the guitars top or sides. The floating pickup was attached to the guitars neck, and the input jack and controls were mounted to the scratchplate...

This Gibson Artist model offers the finest in acoustical response and electronic amplification. Humbucking pickups and electronic controls are specially mounted to produce pure tones without restricting acoustic response

The US zone 1 (March 1970) price for the single pickup Gibson Johnny Smith was $1165 ($1195 for natural finish), and for the two-pickup Johnny Smith D $1215 ($1245 for natural finish). By the September 1970 price list, Gibson no longer charged an extra cost for natural finished guitars. In the 1960s, Sunburst outsold Natural approximately 5:1 - in the 70s it was closer to 4:1.

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