Gibson ES-175D

1970 Gibson Electric Acoustics catalogue page 9

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Gibson ES-175D - 1970 Gibson Electric Acoustics catalogue Page 9

Gibson 1970 Electric Acoustics catalogue. page 9. Details of the Gibson ES-175D electric acoustic guitar.

Guitar catalogues often show instruments that are subtley different from the model they are advertising. The guitar pictured is not a typical 1970 instrument, more likely a 1967: firstly the control knobs are metal-insert bell knobs, whereas the ES-175 had witch-hats by around 1967/68. Secondly the crown inlay on the headstock was positioned further down in 1967. Lastly, by 1970 the tailpiece had been changed back from this zig-zag design to the heavy duty original design (that was in use between 1949 and 1956). Have a closer look at a 1967 ES175 and a 1970 ES175.

Zone 1 US prices for the ES-175 were as follows: single pickup ES-175 $435; two pickup ES-175D $525; ES 175DN $565.

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