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1970 Gibson Electric Solid Bodies catalogue page 2

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Gibson SG Custom - 1970 Gibson Electric Solid Bodies catalogue page 2

Gibson Electric Solid Bodies 1970 Electric Solid Bodies catalogue. Page 2, details of the Gibson SG Custom. The guitar pictured very distinct; typical of a late 1960s/early 1970s SG Custom, with full-face white scratchplate and Walnut finish. Compare this guitar to the SG Custom in the 1966 Catalogue with white finish as standard, or the updated version in the 1972 Electric Solidbodies catalogue - though functionally an identical guitar, very different visually, with small raised black scratchplate, scratchplate mounted controls, and Bigsby (as opposed to Maestro) vibrola.

The US zone 1 price for the SG Custom was $525 in March 1970, rising to $565 in September 1970. Although the most expensive guitar in this segment of the catalogue, there were two more expensive solid bodies available from Gibson in 1970, both in the Les Paul segment of the catalogue: the Les Paul Personal and Les Paul Custom.

Known for it's a extremely low frets and fast action, the SG Custom is a popular solid body lead guitar. The new extra slim, low-action neck joins the body at the 22nd fret. This design allows the player to achieve increased flexability and versatility

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