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1970 Gibson Electric Solid Bodies catalogue page 4

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1970 Gibson Electric Solid Bodies catalogue page 4

Gibson Electric Solid Bodies 1970 Electric Solid Bodies catalogue. Page 4, details of the Gibson SG Special. Like the other SG models in this catalogue, the Special has the larger 'full body' style scratchplate - compare this guitar with the previous SG special catalogue appearance from 1966.

This is the 'Pete Townsend model' - used extensively in 1969/70, including at their iconic Woodstock performance.

The SG was selling very well at this time. Like the SG Standard, 1970 was the SG Special's peak year, selling approximately double the volume of 1969, and four times that of 1968. Again, like the SG Standard, the model was inexplicably deleted at it's peak, to be (admittedly briefly) replaced by the SG Pro in 1971. Gibson quickly realised their mistake, and a version of the SG Special, with a scratchplate more akin to the 1960s models replaced the SG Pro in the 1973 Solidbody brochure.

Outstanding for it's tone, versatility and moderate price. The ultra thin, contoured body is available in two finishes: Natural Walnut, or Gibson Cherry Red

The US zone 1 price for the SG Special was $295 in March 1970, rising to $325 in September 1970.

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