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1970 Gibson Electric Solid Bodies catalogue page 5

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1970 Gibson Electric Solid Bodies catalogue page 5

Gibson Electric Solid Bodies 1970 Electric Solid Bodies catalogue. Page 5, details of the Gibson SG Junior - the simplest guitar in the SG range, with just a single P90 pickup. It was still a very nice guitar, with the same mahogany neck and body, translucent Cherry or Walnut finish as the other guitars in the series, but without the flashiness of the other models. Chrome hardware, dot neck markers, and no headstock inlays with a silk-screened Gibson logo.

Like the other guitars in the SG series, it had recently been updated with the new, full-face scratchplate, characteristic of the 1969-71 period.

1970 was a great year for SG sales, being the peak year for both the SG Standard and SG Special. The same, however, was not true of the Junior; it's peak years were 1965, followed closely by 1964, with 3570 and 3364 instruments shipped respectively. 1n 1970 only 938 SG juniors left the Kalamazoo plant; this was the last catalogue appearance of the SG Junior, having no direct replacement in the 1972 Gibson solid bodies catalogue.

The SG Junior offers Gibson quality and top performance at a popular price. The thin contoured body affords easy handling and flexability.

The US zone 1 price for the SG Junior was $225 in March 1970, rising to $250 in September 1970.

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