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1970 Gibson Electric Solid Bodies catalogue page 7

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1970 Gibson Electric Solid Bodies catalogue page 5

Gibson Electric Solid Bodies 1970 Electric Solid Bodies catalogue. Page 7, the twelve string version of the Gibson Melody Maker, the Melody Maker-12.

The twelve string SG-style Melody Maker guitars were first shipped from the Kalamzoo factory in 1967, originally in Sparkling Burgundy or Pelham Blue finish. Sales were pretty marginal - only 40 guitars shipped in 1969, and 20 in 1970; when the rest of the Melody Maker range switched from these finishes to Walnut, the MM-12 didn't. Presumably the plant was still shipping the last of the coloured models into 1970.

This solid body electric 12-string produces a sound you would only expect to find in higher priced models. The slim, low-action neck joins the ultra-thin contoured body at the 16th fret.

The US zone 1 price for the Melody Maker 12 was the same as the Melody Maker D: $225 in March 1970, rising to $250 in September 1970. The guitar was discontinued in 1970, and was the last 12-string (excluding double necks) available from Gibson for very many years.

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