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1970 Gibson thinline catalogue page 3 - Gibson Crest

Gibson 1970 thinline catalogue, page 3. The Crest was a very fine guitar with gold hardware, split diamond headstock inlays block neck markers, and a unique rosewood body, with inlaid marquetry on the reverse.

This 1970 thinlines brochure was the only Gibson catalogue to include it in it's line up; after debuting the year before, 1970 was it's peak year but it only shipped in very small numbers, and was discontinued in 1972. A total of 162 Crests were shipped, and it has never been reissued; this is certainly one of the least-seen of Gibson's thinline guitars.

In fact the entire Gibson thinline range was pared down throughout the early seventies - by the next thinline catalogue of 1975, only four models were featured.

The progressive guitarist will enjoy the new look and sound of this professional instrument. Beautiful suspended gold Humbucking pickups not only contribute to the unique tonal capabilities of the instrument, but also highlight the seasoned book matched rosewood top, rims and back

The 1970 US zone 1 price of the Gibson Crest was $895, a significant sum in 1970.

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