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1970 thinline catalogue page 4

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1970 Gibson thinline catalogue page 4 - ES-355TDSV

Gibson 1970 thinline catalogue, page 4. Details of the ES-355TDSV (pictured) and ES-355TD thinline electric Spanish guitars.

These two finely appointed electric Spanish guitars had been in the Gibson range for over a decade at this point, and although the stereo varitone version did sell slightly better most of the time, this was not the case every year. Despite this, the 1970 thinline catalogue would be the last one to include the non-stereo varitone ES-355TD; 1970 was the last year it was shipped. The next (1975) thinline catalogue showed a vastly reduced thinline range compared to the late sixties when semi-acoustics were all the rage.

The 355 had always been available in Cherry finish, but as of the September 1969 price list both models were offered in Walnut finish; only the 355TD-SV is offered in walnut finish here though. It's cards were clearly marked! March 1970 US zone 1 prices were as follows: Gibson ES-355TD-SV $915; ES-355TD $855. By September 1970, the ES-355TD was dropped, and the ES-355TD-SV rose in price to $925.

A magnificent stereo guitar with bound "f" holes, the ES-355TD-SV offers the accomplished artist an amazing range of sound. Tone ranges from a clear treble to a husky bass - with thrilling vibrato and instant response

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