Gibson ES-345TD

1970 thinline catalogue page 5

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1970 Gibson thinline catalogue page 5 - ES-345TD

Gibson 1970 thinline catalogue. Page 5. Details of the ES-345TD.

The ES-345TD was electrically identical to the ES-355TDSV, and despite being a very highly appointed guitar, it was still less ornate than it's higher-end sibling. True it had gold hardware, fancy (split parallelogram) position marker inlays, varitone and stereo wiring, but it lacked the bound f-holes, the split diamond headstock inlay, and the lyre tailpiece. It had a rosewood as opposed to ebony fretboard, crown headstock inlay and a stop tailpiece.

1970 US zone 1 price of the Gibson ES345TD was $595.

This versatile instrument offers six pre-set tonalities with Gibson Vari-Tone control and exciting stereophonic tone separation. Play the ES-345TD through a stereo amplifier, two-channel amplifier or two separate amplifiers. Special stereo wiring and "Y" cable provide tone separation

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