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1970 Gibson thinline catalogue page 6 - ES-340TD

Gibson 1970 thinline catalogue. Page 6. Details of the ES-340TD

The ES340TD was a relatively short-lived thinline model, only in shipping between 1969-1974, consequently this was it's first, and last catalogue appearance. By the time of the 1975 Gibson catalogue the thinline range had been reduced significantly, from ten models in 1970 to just four in 1975. In 1977 the ES-335TD was fitted with a coil-tap switch, going some way to replicating the circuitry of the ES-340.

Uniquely amongst Gibson's 1970 thinline range, the ES-340 actually had a birch body; almost all of the other's had a maple body (the Crest and Byrdland are the exceptions, having rosewood and spruce respectively), but like the Byrdland it had a maple neck. Other ES guitars had a three-piece laminate mahogany neck at this point, although maple became the standard in the mid-late 1970s.

The instrument pictured has the model code ES-340TDN, the N referring to it's Natural finish; the walnut finish was made in slightly higher numbers than natural, but not significantly more to consider one finish rare than the other. See the ES-340TD shipping figures.

The Gibson ES-340TD introduces a new dimension in electronic sound versatility. A thin archtop, semi-acoustic body with double venetian cutaway design. Selected birch body with white pearl binding

The 1970 US zone 1 price of the Gibson ES340 was $545, $100 more than the 335 at the same time.

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