Gibson EB3, EB3L, EB2D and SB400

1971 Italian Gibson/Monzino brochure, page 4

Three of the four basses shown here are taken directly from the 1970 Gibson bass catalogue: The Gibson EB3, Gibson EB3L and Gibson EB2D. The other bass, the Gibson SB-400 was so short-lived it never made it into an American catalogue. Black and white pictures appeared in a few publicity sheets etc, but by the time Gibson USA had another catalogue prepared the SB400 had been replaced by the Gibson SB-450. So this full-colour appearance is quite unique. Note the hardware; not gold, but unchromed brass (unless an artifact of the photograph)? Pre-production models were sometimes used in Gibson promotional material, and in this case, it seems perhaps the metal parts were not yet ready.

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1971 Italian gibson brochure - page 4

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